A tribute to the art of wildlife filmmaking

The European Wildlife Film Awards honor the people behind the camera

Nature films are fascinating. They inspire us and convey knowledge about wild animals and their habitats in an entertaining way.

This competition honors the work of wildlife filmmakers and brings Europe's nature to the big screen.

 The European Wildlife Film Awards include the highest endowed wildlife film award on the continent, presented by the German Wildlife Foundation.

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      Bringing Europe's natural diversity to the spotlight

      When it comes to wildlife films, many people might think of elephants, polar bears or koalas, images from distant regions of the world. What they might not realize: The wildlife right on our doorstep is at least as fascinating. Colorful dragonflies in the moor, garden dormice on a nocturnal foray, the hidden life in the meadow - wildlife films also make even tiny, hidden natural wonders visible.

      The European Wildlife Film Awards draw attention to local wildlife in Europe.

      The competition is open to any documentary that focuses on European wildlife, nature-, and/or environmental themes.

      Dates and Program

      The program with all screenings and ticketing you will find HERE starting fall 2024

        • Hamburg's gateway to nature

          The European Wildlife Film Awards are at home at the 'Embassy of Wildlife' in Hamburg HafenCity

          All films selected for the competition will be shown on the big screen in Germany's first nature theatre in the ´Wildlife Embassy´, a permanent multimedia exhibition and Workshop for nature explorers.

          Films about wild animals and their habitats will be shown here regularly, often accompanied by interesting guests, biologists or filmmakers, who give the audience insights from 'behind the scenes'. The messages of the wilderness are revealed to visitors in impressive and diverse ways.

          The Wildlife Embassy is located in a spectacular new building: Germany's tallest wooden skyscraper, the „roots“ in Hamburg´s HafenCity and will be opening it´s doors in August 2024.

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